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ResumeGuardResumeGuard - prevent inadvertant battery drain

The Zaurus appears to suffer from a bug in the todo/calendar app which allows an alarm to wake the Zaurus from a suspended state but to then keep it awake until the user notices or the battery is drained. This caught me out a number of times and was especially annoying when I was travelling as it would sit in my bag for a number of hours and then when needed I'd discover that the battery was flat.

Resume Guard was created to overcome this bug and has the added benefit of avoiding inadvertant power up due to the switch being pressed.

Getting ResumeGuard.

ResumeGuard is distributed as a ipk for easy install. It is released under GPL and the full source is available.

The ipk can be downloaded from my zaurus feed and should be available from the major Zaurus feeds in the near future.

The source can be downloaded as a tar ball here.


Install ResumeGuard using the supllied ipk package. Simply copy it to your documents folder and use the add/remove software applicaiton found in the Settings tab on your Z.

Using ResumeGuard

After you have installed and Qtopia has restarted (as is normal following an install) You will see a new icon on your system tray (a mini version of the icon above). Click on the icon to be presented with the settings dialogue. at present the only setting you have is how long ResumeGuard will wait following a resume event before shutting down. This defaults to 30 seconds. Press OK when you have changed the setting and x to revert to the current value. For safety (I can only imagine what would happen of you set it to 0 or 1!!) I have made sure that you cannot set the timeout to be less than 5 seconds.

Now whenever you turn on your Zaurus you will be asked to click the cancel button to stop the guard from shutting you down again.


As you might expect, to remove the package simply use the add/remove software application to uninstall resumeguard.

I have a few other plans for this app. Some straightforward usability stuff, such as not operating if the external power supply is on. I would also be pleased to hear about any problems you encounter and any new features you might like to see.


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